About STONE Project

The 21st century is the century of speed and information. In order to stand up to the fast pace of innovation, technological transformation, digitalization and globalization, everyone should access lifelong learning in order to improve skills, re-qualify or update skills.

Early school and VET dropout and NEETs have been increasing in the last decade in all EU, therefore preventing and contrasting ESL and NEETs is at the centre of the agenda both at the EU and national levels in order to support inclusive, competitive and sustainable development processes.

STONE focuses on defining and acknowledging innovative models, approaches and tools in order to support adult learners’ personal development processes, based on self-awareness. The aim of the project is to prevent ESL and NEET phenomena and, at the same time, to work and focus on the number of adult educators who work with NEETs and vulnerable groups with adult learners, by upgrading their skills. 



As globalization continues to confront the European Union with new challenges, each citizen will need a wide range of key competences to adapt flexibly to a rapidly changing and highly interconnected world. The differing needs of learners should be met by ensuring equality and access for those groups who, due to educational disadvantages caused by personal, social, cultural or economic circumstances, need particular support to fulfill their educational potential.

O1 refers to the structure of New Basic Skills modules for adult educators, trainers, youth workers and professionals who work with the target groups of NEETs and Early school leavers. The structure will be designed on the basis of five key competences: a) Digital competence, b) Personal, social and learning to learn competence, c) Citizenship competence, d) Entrepreneurship competence, e) Cultural awareness and expression competence.

The output will be delivered as an e-handbook and will be available in the website and the social media of the project. The overall aim of the output will be to assist adult educators in becoming more efficient and supportive during the provision of their services for target group of NEETs and ESL target group.


Under this IO2 the partnership desire to identify the better way to create a fully tried and tested ‘ready to run’ training programme specifically tailored to young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) as well as for other adult learners with fewer opportunities. The targeted training package for Educators Working with NEET groups is in an attempt to devise a comprehensive crossborder set of materials, concepts and training elements that tackle the current issue of NEET’s in an interactive, inclusive and evolutionary way.More …


Under the IO3, a self-test tool will be created in order to evaluate for both target groups skills and competences regarding their needs on new key competences, evaluating their Knowledge, Competences but also providing a feedback for their development in the field of adult education.

IO3 will provides a simple, easy-to-use model/ framework, which is suitable for a self-assessment of educational services and has two main purposes: 1.to serve as a tool for adult educators, NEETs who want to improve the performance of their skills related on the project’s subject; 2. to act as a ‘bridge’ to facilitate dialogue across the various educational and training providers not only in local but also in EU level.

The self-test will actually be a tool, not a common test. It will be used to identify the strengths and the Weaknesses, for the benefit of personal improvement and competences of both target groups. This tool will consist of some basic questions, case study examination, in order to generate optimum learning outcomes and improved performance of their skills in the adult education. IO3 will utilize Badge Evaluation System according to the levels of competences.

Another innovative element of the tool is located in the fact that it will provide a feedback to both those who reached the necessary score and to those who did not reach it.

Check for Details and Open Assessment Tool


This output is linked to the technological components of the project. In specific, the partners will work together to set up the Good Practice Toolbox in such a way as to give the possibility to adult educators interact effectively with other adult educators and also their clients (NEETs), to exchange information, good practices and tips. It´s like cooperation platform.

The Good practice Toolbox is one module and is part of e-Learning platform http://neettools.eu.

The Good Practice Toolbox will have the following content:
•good practices and success stories of learners (NEETs);
•good practices and success stories of adult educators/teachers, counselors, youth workers.

To facilitate the use of the Good Practice Toolbox, the partners will prepare a user’s manual, which will provide all the necessary information on how to register their profile, undertake the courses, how to upload and download material, contact and interact with their peers, contact and interact with others, identify the structure of the course, how they can get help if necessary, etc. The manual will also be translated in all partners’ languages.

The partners aim at creating online Good Practice Toolbox account per country, so as to facilitate communication and assist the adult educators into offering country specific information and training and for the target group of NEETs to share their success stories and to motivate each other.

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Project Number: 2020-1-RO01-KA204-079978

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